Curated spaces in hand-picked neighborhoods that you can book like a hotel.


WhyHotel is a venture-capital backed, DC-based startup that operates “turn-key, pop-up hotels” in newly built, vacant luxury apartments during their lease-up phase. Blurring the line between hospitality and home, our model provides the value and space of a home-share with the consistency of a luxury hotel. Thanks to WhyHotel, real estate developers now have a new way to leverage vacant units during lease-up and you have a new way to travel.

User Problem

WhyHotel, unlike traditional hotel experiences, couldn’t use building signage to orient a customer who would be looking for the building; as a result, customers were having a hard time navigating to their hotel, finding parking, or finding the check-in location. So they needed a way for their customers to navigate to reception, find the appropriate parking spaces, and check in to the property regardless of how customers would be approaching the building.

Carol Says

I had a hard time finding the place. My GPS said; “You are here”, and I’m like…”where?”. There is a small “A” board in front of the building that says that this is the hotel. I drove by 3 times before we saw the sign.


We developed a landing page that was sent in the customer confirmation email, which would provide step-by-step instructions with information about how they could access the building regardless of the method of entry. This page provided both visual and instructional context. In addition, it offered the ability for users to reach out directly to the hotel if they required additional assistance.

Figure 1: WhyHotel Reskinned Design