30 Million Solar Homes

Wants to build sustainable lives, opportunities, and communities.


Solar United Neighbors Action Orangization (SUN) is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit representing the needs and interests of solar owners and supporters across the country. Their mission is to help people go solar, join together, and fight for their energy rights.

For this project, SUN wanted to create a microsite for a marketing campaign to inform legislators, congress members, solar advocates, and curious solar users to understand the impact of solar within their respective states and districts within five years. These pages should highlight the benefits of new solar capacity, jobs created, eliminating global warming pollution, reducing electric bills, and federal funds invested into local solar energy.

Project Goals

Solar United Neighbors requested a microsite design to develop a new partnership with the Institute For Local Self-Reliance, Initiative for Energy Justice, and the Solar United Neighbors to encourage solar advocates to contact their legislators.

Figure 1: Solar United Neighbors Action Organization existing website

Typography & Color

SUN wanted to retain the same typographical elements and color scheme to present a united look and feel without excluding the other partners. Therefore, we decided to reserve the use of the accent of the Solar United Neighbors brand color to distinguish between their brand and the collaborative nature of the project. We also used their secondary font as a primary option to continue the continuity without exact parity with the leading brand.

Dark Blue

Mustard Yellow

Sky Blue

Sun Orange

Responsive Website Design

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Project Credit

Harford Designs acted as web design and development team for this project.

Website Hosting: WPEngine
Page Builder: Elementor Pro
Form Builder: Phone2Action
SEO: Yoast SEO