Hotel Guest Arrivals Landing Page - UX/UI
WhyHotel A/B Testing - UX/UI
Electronic Health Record - UX/UI
UMB Center for Technology Services - UX/UI
Moodle Portal Redesign - UX/UI
The Internet of Things Conference - UX/UI
CCORI Course Redevelopment
Superbugs, Infectious Diseases & Solutions
America's Fiscal Future Event
Boomer Heart Health Event
America's Energy Agenda: What's Next? Event
Politico Caucus
Iowa Caucuses Watch Party
Caucus Ads
Seven Figure Trader
Solving For Y
Book Cover Design
Seven Figure Summit Webpage
Logo Design
Email Marketing Template
Wake Up Read Playbook
Webpage A/B Testing
Million Dollar Retirement Webpage
The 7X Cipher Webpage
Building New York's Future Event
Outside In Twitter Chat
California Playbook
IES Conference
Dow 50,000 Webpage
Instant Income Microsite
Email Banners
Promotional Web Design
PANDORA Landing Page
Boom & Bust Welcome Letter
PANDORA Mothers Day Twitter Headers
UB Hat & Scarf
Roberta's House Event
Marketing Campaigns - Mailchimp
The Friday Cover Ads
State Solutions
Banner Ads
PANDORA Grand Opening Event
PANDORA In-Mall Creative
Google Hub
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